2014 Challenge Nation Champs: Race Recap

[2014 CN Champs] Finished

“The key to being happy isn’t the search for meaning; it’s just to keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense and eventually, you’ll be dead.”

Oh, Bojack Horseman, your cold, dead heart always warms mine right up.

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Century Club: Day 6 (October 27, 2014)


It was just a matter of time. On one of these runs, my stomach, and subsequently my body, was bound to give out. That day was today. It was my fault. I don’t know what I expected when my entire caloric intake was two pieces of Challah bread, a Clif bar, and fifty ounces of Earl Grey. At least it was the afternoon run and I was only a couple of miles from home. Still, this creates a real problem for tomorrow. Continue reading

Century Club: Day 5 (October 26, 2014)

I might be in trouble.

For the first four days of this experiment, I never really doubted my physical ability to finish. That changed this morning. My legs are wrecked. So are my left knee and right ankle. I’m sure yesterday’s unnecessarily fast afternoon run has a lot to do with it.

Unlike yesterday, when I was effortlessly clicking off sub 7s, I had a very hard time running 7:30s this morning. There doesn’t appear to much gas left in the tank, and I’m very nervous about picking up a real injury. Continue reading

Century Club: Day 3 (October 24, 2014)

5:33am. People like me aren’t supposed to be up at hours like that. What do the kids say now that FML is totally five minutes ago? Whatever it is, that’s how I felt when I woke up today.

Already, I’m beginning to wear down physically. My quads have that combination of sharp pain and dull ache that I’ve only felt the day after a marathon or my first Spartacus session in a while. It’s annoying, but there was work to do. Continue reading